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The Refinery at First Saints Community Church - 2012-02-26

The Refinery is a campus, a community, and a worship service which meets Sunday evenings at 6:00 p.m. at First Saints Community Church, St. Paul's Campus, in Leonardtown, MD.

The Refinery had its beginnings as a fourth worship service at St. Paul's. In 2006, the service was moved to Sunday evenings. In 2010, the Refinery became an individual campus of First Saints Community Church.

Refinery worship is experiential. For us, this means all aspects of the service are uniquely designed to create a worship experience that fits the occasion and the message. There may be art, drama, discussion and places or times for individual engagement with God through senses other than sight and sound. There aren't any cookie-cutter Sundays with the Refinery. A team meets weekly to plan each service and incorporate elements that will engage attenders in different aspects, styles and forms of worship.

The Refinery is a community in the ways we connect with one another. The group places value on connecting with one another in social media and group activity outside of the Refinery worship service.

Since we meet Sunday evenings, the Refinery is an ideal worship service for people who work Sunday morning shifts or families who participate in Sunday sports. For more information check out the First Saints Community Church website at: