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Friday June 6, 2008
Tornado confirmed in Chesapeake Beach
Chester Bergen - Senior Staff reporter

CHESAPEAKE BEACH, MD - Investigators from the national weather service spent the day investigating damage caused by high wind in Chesapeake Beach on June 4, 2008.  Their investigation confirmed that an EF-0 tornado with sustained wind as high as 85 mph plowed through the community on its way across the bay.

The twister cut a swath 75 yards wide and about 1.5 miles long beginning in the Richfield Station development just west of the small town.  It then traveled across a small marsh approximately due east until it slammed into a small creekside development where it tore the roofs off several houses exposing the rafters to the elements.  The tornado then hit Kellam field, home of the Beach Buccaneers where it toppled 2 galvanized steel lightpoles and tossed steel bleachers around like toys while at the same time shearing the tops off of several large trees.  Nearing the end of its destructive path, the whirlwind scored a direct hit on trader\'s restaurant where it removed the entire metal roof deck, wrapping it like a tarp around the lightpole and power lines nearby causing the power to go out for miles surrounding the small town.
At least five people sustained injuries, none life threatening, during the storm.
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